You Questions Answered

• What is Marcoman?

- Marcoman is workflow automation solution based on the cloud, intended for Marine Surveys.

• Where is the server located ?

- Server is located on the cloud and need not be installed on your premises. You do not need to purchase hardware and Marcoman Server and install it on-premise. This reduces the cost of ownership for you.

• I am a mid size enterprise with 50 surveyors. We already have servers in office . Can we have server software installed in our premise ?

- Yes. You can purchase the Server license and install the server in your office. Hardware support needs to be managed by you.

• We are a mid-to-large Enterprise, have an IT system for document storage, inventory management etc. Can Marcoman and existing IT system be integrated ?

- Yes.

• We would like to customize the Survey Reports. Can Apeiros implement this customization at a charge ?

- Yes.

• Does Apeiros offer installation and post-installation support ?

–Of course. We do provide installation support, but our applications are plug and play. Your personnel can complete installation based on the Installation Guide.
–We offer email support for your personnel with quick response time.

• Can we add some new Surveys to the existing survey packages ?

–Yes, Apeiros can help you include additional survey package, which get integrated on field due to its unique and innovative plugin technology.