The Marcoman is a complete Management Information and Control system custom designed for management of marine surveying and consultancy companies. It provides a new approach to managing all the company data and knowledge base and also for management and execution of jobs through the task assignment feature. It integrates several different modules working across different platforms and devices to provide a seamless solution to manage all aspects of your marine survey company in real time with minimal effort.

The Key modules of the Marcoman are :

  1. Job Manager
  2. Employee Manager
  3. Time Manager
  4. Inspection Manager
  5. Report Manager

All modules integrate to share data in real time and workflows have been implemented to provide complete control on all the business processes – logging of enquiries, generating quotes, order confirmation process, assigning project manager, estimating and allocation time and resources for the job. Completing job with single of multi- task options and ensuring proper control and recording of job related documents. Reporting of time and resources used on jobs is also integrated and can be used directly to auto-generate pre-formatted Invoices. The following optional modules are also available to cater to all other sub-processes required in a typical survey company.

  1. Employee Competence Manager
  2. HSE Manager
  3. Guidelines and Forms Manager
  4. QA Manager

The benefits of using Marcoman are :

  1. Access and manage all survey related activities form one portal. Access the portal remotely from anywhere through the internet.
  2. Receive reports (statistics) and system notifications with no manual intervention. Never forget to follow up as required.
  3. Have complete control and transparency even when job is assigned to staff. All job data is safe and secure in cloud/server and progress can be tracked in real time.
  4. No delays in Invoicing– generate invoice from anywhere.
  5. Compliance records for ISO/HSE/OHSAS can be auto generated.
  6. Model is scaleable and once trained huge savings in admin man power requirements.
  7. Data and business process safe and secure – Don’t worry about back -ups and IT breakdowns.