User Friendly

Marcoman and its applications are designed with best practices and state of the art techniques for Usability and User experience, so that you can focus on making your workflows efficient and increasing your business.

Marcoman solutions consists of Marcoman Application for various platforms and individual applications for specific products such as "EasySurvey and TimeManager." For user experience, we use "cache and innovative speed-up" techniques. Graphical Interface is easy to use and your staff will find handling easy. Marcoman supports both regular and touch screen displays. It also supports both desktops and handheld mobile devices such as tablets.


MarcoMan is versatile

Marcoman solution is designed to work for any size of Marine Survey business. Apeiros provides deployment solutions which can be selected by the business as per its needs. Marcoman has built-in modules for small, medium and large businesses. The solution can be customized as per specific business needs or for integration with enterprise systems.


Apeiros has designed the pricing plans to suit various business sizes and requirements. Marcoman is offered on the subscription model, so you pay monthly as you use.

The Server is hosted on the cloud and you do not need to buy hardware and our server software, if you are a Small Enterprise. Therefore for Small Enterprises subscription model is designed to fit your budget. The subscription model also includes support.

Managed Service

Marcoman is supported on various client devices and platforms. However its Server software is hosted and managed by us.

We host, manage and take care of everything !

Icing on the cake is that you get free updates and maintenance on the product. Unlike traditional software products, the upgrade path in case of Marcoman is simple and hassle-free. And – if you are a Medium / Larger enterprise and want to have dedicated hosting or server application on cloud or your premises, Marcoman offers that as well.

Packaged Marine Domain knowhow

Marcoman is designed by Marine Experts and IT Solution Architects with multiple decades of marine experience between them. It packages the knowhow in the form of Best Practices that are already implemented by Marcoman.

You are a small enterprise wanting to start a specific type of surveys – Marcoman is the ideal tool, since it provides the complete template for that particular type of survey.

You are a medium or large enterprise, wanting to improvise the operations – Marcoman has templates for multitude of surveys, inbuilt.

Any Device

Marcoman Client is supported on numerous devices and platforms

  • Windows Desktop – Win7, Win8, Win10
  • Windows Tablet – Win8, Win10
  • Android Tablet – 4.0 onwards
  • MAC Desktop
  • Linux Desktop

  • Offline Mode

    Marcoman Applications support extremely convenient and powerful feature of offline mode. Offline mode allows on-field staff to continue to work with the application when there is no connectivity. When they come online, data is synced up automatically and updates to both ends. Allows work to progress independent of the connectivity status and allows auto sync without any explicit action by the user.


    Marcoman is designed to be a scalable solution.

    It works for small, medium and large enterprise, with hosted services. It also allows for scaling services and capacities for a given enterprise as enterprise grows. i.e. Marcoman grows as you grow.


    Marcoman solution is secure.

    Key Security Features:

  • Marcoman uses Authentication on the access.
  • Marcoman provides Transport and Communication Security.
  • Marcoman implements Data storage encryption.
  • Benefits of the security scheme:

  • Enterprise need not worry about security. Storage is secure. Communication is secure.
  • Even if someone gets hold of users data, its not useful for them as its all encrypted.

  • Privacy

    By virtue of the high grade security implementation and authentication, privacy of data is automatically ensured. Data belonging to an enterprise, is encrypted and cannot be accessed by other enterprise.

    Business Friendly

    Various deployment configurations of Marcoman server application provides flexible business friendly options. Dashboard has ability to provide live insights into your business in terms of various period-wise reports – revenue reports, accounts summary, person-wise revenue, client-wise revenue etc


    Marcoman Server application can provide analytics to the enterprise or business owners as per its requirements. It has some built-in analytics which can represented in the tables.

    Enterprise IT Integration

    You are a Large enterprise with some pre-installed systems ? - Marcoman offers many integration possibilities. A few of these are listed below Marcoman can use different DB for storage It has server software that can run on different platforms and co-exist with other softwares. It has API interfaces, which allows other software to fetch data It can include custom plugins that can fetch data from remote pre-existing enterprise systems. !